CD review: Townes Van Zandt

Review of a 2-CD set of live tracks by Townes Van Zandt for TOWNES VAN ZANDT – Down Home & Abroad (Retroworld FLOATD6377)

David Harley

CD review: Will Keating’s ‘Cornwall My Home’

Review of a very enjoyable CD by Will Keating.

Here’s another of my reviews for, this time of a very enjoyable CD with local interest:

WILL KEATING – Cornwall My Home (Kernow Ow Thre) (Own Label)

David Harley

CD review – SERIOUS CHiLD (sic)

Another CD review for

Another of my reviews for SERIOUS CHILD – Empty Nest (TCR Music TCRM75099) – it actually went up yesterday, but I’ve been catching up with work and domestic stuff.

Based around the songs of Alan Young, a late-developing singer-songwriter with a very nice voice, though some of the songs are at the pop-y end of the spectrum. He actually reminds me just a little vocally of Scott Walker at times. Supported by some fine musicians here.

Also linked from the reviews page here: (Mostly) Music Reviews

David Harley