Sarah McQuaid CD launch

Reviewing the launch concert for Sarah McQuaid’s ‘If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous’


I don’t usually do concert reviews – in fact, I think the last time was in the early 70s – but I liked her latest CD so much – see  – that I went (at my own expense!) to the launch concert at the Acorn in Penzance, and then reviewed that as well…

Sarah McQuaid CD launch tour – 25th January 2018 

You won’t be surprised to learn that I liked it very much.

David Harley

CD Review: Trent Miller

Another review for Miller has been compared to Guy Clark, Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt et al, though that might be overstating it a bit.

TRENT MILLER – Time Between Us (Bucketfull Of Brains BOB801)

David Harley

CD Review – The Transports

A review for of a new take on Peter Bellamy’s Ballad opera.

A review for of a new take on Peter Bellamy’s Ballad opera. Actually a live version of the toured production seen at Shrewsbury Folk Festival in 2017 (and there’s currently another short tour running). Well worth seeing/hearing.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Transports – A Tale Of Exile And Migration (Hudson Records HUD007LP/CD)

David Harley

Unnamed slide piece demo

Update: this has now acquired a name and an updated version – ‘Box of Blues‘.

A piece so new and raw it doesn’t even have a name. I was basically just goofing around with a Maj7 tuning that I thought might have possibilities.

Hopefully, at some point the piece will turn up here better and more tightly executed (and with a proper name). In fact, I even have a set of words that might fit it. But this version is just here so that I don’t forget about it.

David Harley