(Mostly) Music Reviews

1. Music reviews for folking.com

(A great site with excellent reviews and much more)

The first: a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray set from Denmark: ANDREW JOHN & LISSA – At Home (Last Resort Records LRCD010).

And the second: two fascinating albums byThe Lowest Pair. I even managed to resist including any banjo jokes. Though my wife will tell you that my banjo-playing is a joke. THE LOWEST PAIR – Uncertain As It Is Uneven (Team Love Records TL-93 ) – Fern Girl & Ice Man (Team Love Records TL-94)

[Later reviews, without verbose introduction.]

[And some I made earlier…]

2. Reviews at Sabrinaflu

I’ve been reviewing books, concerts and records since I was 20 or thereabouts, but most of them are long gone, of course. I haven’t been carrying around copies of everything I’ve written in the last 60 years or so. Here, though, are some music review links from Sabrinaflu. If I write more that don’t fit Folking.com’s brief, though, they’ll probably be published here first and also at Sabrinaflu.

Mal Brown’s excellent CD Sharp Stones and Tender Hearts.

A lovely CD by Martin Thomas: CD Review: ‘Pieces’ by Martin Thomas.

Flying Toads CD review (an excellent collection of tunes and songs: an earlier CD than the one reviewed for folking.com).

A Shropshire Lad: a 1994 CD by the late Michael Raven with vocals by Joan Mills, featuring settings of poems by A.E. Housman alternating with Welsh traditional (mostly) tunes played on solo guitar.  Originally posted on my Shropshire Blues blog (which is more about Shropshire than blues!). As I no longer live anywhere near Shropshire, that blog has declined dramatically in the amount of time I devote to it.

Vagrant Stanzas: a review of the 2013 recording by Martin Simpson. Originally posted on my personal web page.

When I review books (which I often do) they’re usually about computer security, which is, after all, my main source of income, so I won’t link them here. (In the unlikely event that you’re interested in my security writing, much of it is linked to from my Geek Peninsula blog.) This review of a book by the late Pauline Fisk is on my Shropshire Blues blog and rather than Sabrinaflu because most people are likely to consider it of purely local interest, but I’m linking to it anyway because it’s a pretty good book. 🙂 Book Review: Pauline Fisk book on Shrewsbury

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